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The prices don’t include parts or strings and can change during evaluation of the condition. Due to the amount of different instruments the final price is determined when I see the instrument. 


Changing Strings: £13

    Bring your own strings or I have some for sale.

    Also can order but that takes couple of days.

Set-up: £42

     incl. changing strings(strings not incl.), polishing frets,

     cleaning and conditioning fretboard ,

     intonation and trussrod adjustments, filing the nut ,

     pickup height, cleaning electronics.

    If you have a Floyd Rose-type bridge the price is £52 !

Levelling & polishing frets(includes set-up): £90

     Floyd Rose-type £100

Re-fretting:  starting from £190

     No bindings, rosewood fretboard or equivalent: £190

     with bindings: £240

     Maple fretboard: £250 


     Stainless steel frets: +£75

Levelling fretboard when re-fretting:  £40

New bone nut:  £45

Bridge bone norm./compensated: £40/60

Re-gluing the bridge: starting at £80

Crack repair: starting from £85/crack

Replacing tuners: starting from £25

Replacing pick-up: £40+£10/second pick-up

Waxing pickup: starting at £45

Pickup rewinding:starting at £55

Installing mic/pickup to an acoustic instrument: starting from £60-80

Replacing potentiometer : £25+£10/next pot

Replacing jack:  starting from £15

Replacing pick-up selector:  starting from £35

Waxing neck £40, whole instrument £95

Installing golpeador to flamenco etc. guitars: £50