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Every instrument needs maintenance every now and then: Tune-up, cleaning and renewing parts. Sometimes an instrument faces an accident and partly goes unplayable or breaks up entirely. Then it is advicable to take your beloved instrument to an experienced luthier. I repair acoustic- and electric stringed instruments. If the instrument feels like there’s something wrong or the playability is not just right, it might be it’s just in need of tune-up. The playability of many new instruments are out of balance already when it comes from the factory to the guitar shop. I’m offering repair and tune-up services with 20 years of experience in the field of luthiery. I have repaired numerous vintage rarities as well as newer instruments. You can bring your instrument to my workshop for a free evaluation. Alternatively you can send an email (with pics if you like) or contact by social media and ask for an estimate price.


Examples of repair and maintenance jobs:

-Basic tune-up / full fret levelling job

-Electronics repair or upgrades from such as pot or jack replacements to full rewires

-From simple string change to complete refret of the instrument

-Acoustic instrument cracks or neck resets

-Acoustic bridge regluing,

-Parts replacements such as bridges, tuning machines etc